Etiopia Sidamo Organic 250 g

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Moredocofe is one of the oldest and most prestigious private farms in Shakisso, Guji.  The owner, Ato Haile Gebre literally wrote the book on coffee in Ethiopia.  No – he actually did.  Haile was one of the main architects of the cooperative system in Ethiopia several decades ago, basing this on his more than 60 years of experience as a coffee farmer.

Moredocofe estate

The Moredocofe farm was founded on land owned by Haile’s grandfather. Over the years, the estate grew to encompass nearly 500 hectares of natural-growth semi-forested land.  Coffee grows in harmony with nature, with wild animals and birds living scattered throughout the gently rolling hillsides.

This coffee is a standout example of coffees from Guji. The cup offers notes of deep stewed fruits, intense sweetness, and a complexity of characteristics which one doesn’t see every day.  Oh, did we mention that is it also Bio/Organic and Rainforest Alliance certified?


As in previous years, we focus on the washed grade 2 for this organic coffee from Moredocofe. The estate wet-processes its own coffee and dries it under the sun on raised mesh beds. The farming lands are healthy and well-managed, leading to happy trees and happy coffee.

The wet process brings out all the beautiful characteristics you hope to find in an Ethiopian coffee. Sweet citrus attributes paired to a floral refinement and a lively, crisp acidity, rounding out to creamy chocolate. It has that spicy tail we love to find in Guji coffees.

  • Sidamo 2 | Organic / RFA
  • Moredocofe
  • Heirloom
  • 2018
  • CPET-3354: citrus, floral, crisp, chocolate, spice | Score: 86
  • Dawa Basin – Guji zone – Oromia
  • 1700 – 2000m